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Modified Guitar Music Simulation

An plentiful dose of shoegaze-glazed guitar recordings -- recorded and resampled, repitched, replayed, re-aligned and accompanied by spastic, overly saturated drum assortments. This may be a gamer's delight, as well as a soundtrack for couch quarantine cdb trials.


A1. Still
A2. Get Even
A3. Sketch God
A4. Fuct
A5. How Nice the Amps
A6. Aunt
A7. Get So Happy
A8. Flying on a Wing
B1. Grandpa Grooves
B2. Default
B3. Journey to Numb
B4. Five Dee
B5. Midnight Notes
B6. Major Loop
B7. Simulation

total run time: 30 minutes

Edition of 25

© 2021 100% BOOTLEG

MID-AIR! - M.G.M.S. (Cassette)

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