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Morphed and mutated / dark / experimental jazz / idm

This is a deluxe // outakes, extras, renditions, etc... 4 song EP will be available online, this version only available on 20 tapes


Bubble Maker*
16 Years of Scuba
Fishin' Club Kickback*
Gone Fishin'
Gone Off That
Tackle Box*

Fucked Up Fish
16YOS (Level Two)*
Second Mutation*
Scales On Arms*
Gone Fishin' (Level Two)*
Science Fair (Not Rated)*
Fucked Up Reprise*

* = cassette release only

limited edition of 20

pressed on japanese Sony HF / slim reverse case

total run time: 30 min.

© 2023 100% BOOTLEG Cassette Tape Company

MID-AIR! - FUCKED UP FISH (Deluxe Cassette)

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