This bundle will contain a copy of Murmur on vinyl, and one shirt with a front/back design printed on graphite Comfort Colors shirts.


Listen to "Strawberry Blonde" via New Noise.

Album Release Date: 04/16/2021




Taking cues from the masochistic volume of bands like My Bloody Valentine or Swans, Doused weaves hypnagogic whispers into a wall of lush guitars played loud enough to drown out jet engines. Their music melds together the members' love of shoegaze acts of the last few decades, the new wave / post-punk scene of the 80s, and everything that falls in between. Forming in 2017, Doused began as the slow burn recording project of bored college students in Philadelphia before eventually transitioning into a full-fledged band with a constantly rotating lineup. Their first release, 2017’s demo tape Fixed on Innocence floated around on the internet for months before any of those songs would ever truly be played by a live band.

Currently consisting of Vincent Duong, Emma Hansson & Mike Wolfe, Doused has been carefully crafting their debut LP in between finishing school, navigating full-time jobs, and staying ahead of a global pandemic.

Doused - Murmur
1. Morel

2. Glue

3. Strawberry Blonde

4. Ease

5. AZ-5

6. // 

7. Again

8. Dizzy

9. Swirl

10. Murmur


Recorded between May 2019 & August 2020 at Ape School, Ape School 2, and at home.

Engineered by Vincent Duong & Mike Wolfe

Mixed & Mastered by Mike Wolfe

Album Design by Olivia Ripke

Shirt Design by Emma Hansson


Doused - Murmur (Vinyl + Shirt)

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