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Available on streaming platforms on 2/12/21.

Watch the Death & Dismemberment music video created by Leah Nelson


Able Baker - Spiral Bound Songs
1. Bad Vibrations
2. Swell
3. Death and Dismemberment
4. Kata
5. Floors on Fire


All songs by Tim Anderson

Recorded at Isaac and Logan’s house in Madison during the early spring and late summer of 2020

Recorded and mixed by Isaac deBroux-Slone and Logan Severson 



Tim Anderson: vox, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, casiotone, goodwill keyboard, bowed ostrich guitar

Isaac deBroux-Slone: drums, electric guitar, backup vox, keys, violin, ukelin, percussion, Tapco feedback loop

Logan Severson: backup vox, electric guitar, synthesizer drone


Neal Jochmann: keyboard on “Death and Dismemberment”


Art by Tim Anderson

Cover layout by Kacey Keith


After spending the last few years playing local shows and embarking on DIY weekend tours around the upper Midwest, Able Baker is releasing new EP Spiral Bound Songs on cassette. This release is a long time coming for the band, as the songs all lived as demos for one to three years before ever being properly recorded. In those years, bandleader and primary songwriter, Tim Anderson finished school and moved back to his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin where he played in local bands while working temp jobs to pay the bills. Due to the band’s formative years embodying an awkward existence between cities four hours apart, Able Baker has been made up of a revolving door of musicians.


Spiral Bound Songs is a project that began with a “slowcore jam” in an attic in Minneapolis in 2017 and was completed in a Madison basement in 2020. After a scrapped attempt to track the songs the previous year, the EP was recorded and mixed by Madison musicians Isaac deBroux-Slone and Logan Severson who both played on the record as well. 

Able Baker - Spiral Bound Songs (Cassette)

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